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Whether it's kite-fishing, trolling, deep-dropping, reef+wreck fishing, or just touring the Florida Keys with your family and friends, Captain Duane can customize your charter to make it the most memorable adventure.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Is there food & drinks on the boat?
Guests can bring their own food and drinks, or we can provide snacks and beverage service at your request when you book your trip (simply notify us in advance what your party requires, and our crew will be happy to accomodate you).

What kind of fish can we catch?
Depending on the season, your catch could include sailfish, marlin, tuna, wahoo, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, dolphin(mahi-mahi), grouper, hogfish, yellowtail, red snapper, amberjack, cobia, redfish, black drum, pompano, shark, and many other gamefish.

What can we do with our fish?
Captain Duane will happily clean and fillet your catch when you return to the marina. We can also arrange to have your fish frozen and vacuum-packed, then sent to your home by a local shipper. Or, if you want to preserve your trophy catch, we can arrange to have your fish mounted by an expert taxidermist at your request.

What is the etiquette for tipping?
The crew work hard to give you the best charter and tips are their salary, so gratuities are very-much appreciated. Although at your own discretion, the average charter tip is at least 20% of the charter.

What if I don't have fishing rods, tackle, or bait?
We'll provide everything you need, including premium PENN rods, top-of-the-line tackle, and the best local baits and rigs for the gamefish you're targeting. Of course you're welcome to bring your own gear if you want to have a 'lucky' rod or favorite lures.

Do I need a Florida fishing-license?
We've got your licensing covered. We understand many visitors to the Keys are from out-of-state, and nobody wants to waste vacation-time going to acquire a license. You can come aboard anytime and catch any fish in season!

What is the vessel's maximum occupany?
We may accommodate up to six(6) passengers as per U.S. Coast Guard regulations. The Bad Habit is a private-party boat (not a head-boat), so we can focus on providing our individual guests with the best service.

Is there an age limit or requirement?
There is no minimum-age requirement nor age-limit; our charters are fun for all ages! We are a family-friendly operation, and our crew is also great with kids. Our boat has the amenities to facilitate any of your family, friends, and fishing buddies.